Using a Virtual Convention to Build Business

It’s All About The Experience

Success or failure of any convention, trade show, conference, and everything in between boils down to two things:  leads generated and the attendee experience. From eye catching booths to engaging lectures, the goal is to create an outstanding attendee experience and generate more sales leads than you can shake a stick at.

With  events being cancelled due to COVID-19, capturing that magical convention experience means re-creating  the convention atmosphere in a different way. Anyone can set up and attend a virtual meeting. But, if it is just about clicking on stuff to get stuff, then something essential is lost.  Where’s the human interaction? Where’s the “wow” factor? Where’s  the accidental meeting that creates a long-term business partner?

Here is one solution that addresses each of those questions: OTW Virtual Conventions. The designers of this second generation 3D visual platform, centered their product on both the attendee and the exhibitor experience.
For example, in the fast moving virtual world, customers need easy access to information. With a one-click connection to sales agents, product information, and company contact data, OTW Virtual Conventions allow prospects to enter into an immersive 3D environment (the ‘wow’ factor) and then efficiently engage with your company.

One of the best features of OTW Virtual Convention is its exhibitor admin function.  This makes adding or editing information extremely easy using their drag and drop interface, which adapts to your needs.
The experience of a convention also relies on the conference environment. If an attendee is unengaged at the conference, they may not stay to look at company information. OTW’s high quality 3D Conference Space recreates the eye catching aspect of a conference, keeping people at the event longer.

A National Training Laboratories Institute study found that lecture based content only nets a retention of 5%. By bringing the customer into a virtual event space, instead of a simple conference call, customers will stay longer, access more information, and spend more time speaking to your salespeople.

An OTW Virtual Conference gives attendees and exhibitors access to unprecedented levels of information. Accessible 24/7, your company's data will not get lost in a pile of paper, at the bottom of a bag. Your business will not be lost in a sea of information, but accessible at any time in an organized, easy to use way. “Engagement, content, experience” is at the heart of OTW Virtual Conventions and can bring your convention experience to the next level.

A Virtual Ecosystem

OTW Virtual Conventions is not just a virtualized conference space. With over 40,000 readers, Orthopedics This Week is the widest read publication in the Orthopedics industry, and this ecosystem is an integral part of the OTW Virtual Convention. 

If exhibiting is about the Experience, then the meeting itself is all about the Audience.

Sixty days prior to the  meeting OTW releases a full program of email blasts to over 40,000 orthopedic and spine physicians. Forty-five days prior to the meeting OTW advertises the meeting on all OTW platforms, including our e-newsletter, website, and newspaper (mailed to 5,000 clinics and hospitals). 30 days prior to the meeting a full article is published about the conference in Orthopedics This Week.

All of these promotions are included with the virtual convention package. Again, it’s all about building the maximum audience. And once they register, then it’s about the experience.  The OTW ecosystem drives audience. The OTW Virtual Convention drives experience. Combined, they deliver a higher return on your investment as an exhibitor.

It’s a Broadcasting Business—the Baseball Analogy

Virtual conventions are not just a replacement for in person events. Before 1921, baseball was in person only. Owners of baseball teams wanted to limit broadcasting, out of fear that it would result in diminished attendance. However, broadcasting took hold, and led to 2/3rd of baseball revenue coming from broadcasting. The average attendance at a baseball game is 25,000, while the average broadcast audience is 500,000, 20x the size of an in-person audience.

Virtual Conventions are to conventions what broadcasting is to baseball. Nothing can replace meeting someone face-to-face but recreating the look and feel of a conference in a virtual setting will enable your audience to grow dramatically. Where healthcare organizations could previously send just one or two representatives to a conference, anyone can now attend virtually, driving up attendance and revenue.

As more people attend your event, have easier access to information, and are notified about your company through the OTW network, your audience at each convention can grow by 15 - 20x. OTW Virtual Conventions broadens your reach from just conference attendees to their co-workers, other interested parties, and anyone with an internet connection. The ease of access to your company is what makes a virtual convention successful and is what OTW Virtual Conventions centers its ecosystem around.

OTW Virtual Conventions is the future of connecting customers to companies, and the future of building your orthopedics brand. Building a virtual convention into your business as a replacement for a cancelled conference, as a supplement to future in person events, and as an innovative way to increase return on investment in the convention space, will broaden your reach, enhance your customer experience, and lead to growing revenue and profits for your business.

OTW Virtual Convention Platform