A New Experience, and boy did I want to be a part of it!

A New Experience

I’m James, a student at Cornell University, and I’m always looking for new projects to involve myself in. My favorites are those that connect people together in new ways. That is how I met Robin and the OTW Virtual Conventions Team. They are building a new way of connecting professionals together through OTW Virtual Conventions, and boy did I want to be a part of it!

Last week, I spoke to Robin about his new venture and what he wished to accomplish through his product. Listening to Robin’s vision on taking an entirely different, people focused approach to virtual conventions was eye opening. How can something virtual be people focused, you might ask? Through enabling connections at every page, and bringing people out of static content and into meetings with real people, in one click. This was a project that I definitely wanted to get involved with, and I asked Robin what he needed. 

How can something virtual be people focused, you might ask?

He asked me to write a blog about myself, his venture, and this new journey the entire team and industry is going on, a journey into the future of conventions through broadcasting. This was not going to be an easy task, the world of Virtual Conventions and even Orthopedics was new to me. I work on a few in-person conferences at Cornell, like BigRed//Hacks, an in-person event of around 500 people working on a programming project, networking with each other all the way, but I have never worked with “Virtual” conventions of anywhere near this size and scale before.

After speaking for a while, Robin suggested a new starting point for this blog, “Don’t waste your time on Virtual Conventions”. “Excuse me? How are we supposed to get any customers by telling them not to waste their time?” Not only do I need to write a blog about a whole new industry, but a blog on how much virtual conventions are a waste! Well, this is only half of the story.

OTW Virtual Conventions is an online experience, emulating a conference

“Virtual” conventions is quite a deceptive term. You may think that a virtual convention is a collection of uncomfortable Zoom calls or a simple online chat. OTW Virtual Conventions is a Virtual convention in the least. Sure, OTW Virtual Conventions is an online experience, emulating a conference, but it is also a company that strives to use technology to connect people together-- to replicate the human aspect of a conference, the thing that makes them worthwhile. This is what I love about OTW Virtual Conventions. They are not following the trend of the virtual industry, but going against the grain to develop new ways of connecting people together

OTW Virtual Conventions reminds me a lot of a project that I created for the Gaming Community. Gaming is all about building virtual communities, and I leveraged my programming experience to create an organizational platform for gaming communities. However, soon after release I realized how unpopular the program was. Gaming communities did not want the hassle that came with a new system-- the set up, getting all members registered, the constant manual data input required to make the system work. So, I am now integrating immense automation in the system that integrates with widely used systems that these gaming communities already use, and user numbers are going up.

It is this kind of thinking that Robin and OTW Virtual Conventions embrace, the ideas that increase engagement and ease of use. A business can focus on what it does best, selling products to users; not the hassle of set-up and user integration. This is why I will be telling you not to waste your time on virtual conventions next week, and how for OTW Virtual Conventions, virtual is anything but.

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