It has been a busy couple of weeks. Preparing to return to college, where our class format remains unclear, working on a new project for online gaming community management, and of course helping with OTW Virtual Conventions, it seems like there is not enough time in the world. Hopefully your waning days of summer are more relaxing than mine.

Just after my last post, I was given what seemed like another difficult task, to generate leads for OTW Virtual Conventions. It seemed like it would take immense research at first, as finding public, yet personal, contact information for even one company can take an hour of digging through articles and websites. However, they do say “work smarter, not harder” which I took to heart. I found an online tool that helps find publicly available contact information, halving or even quartering the amount of time it takes to generate a lead.

The process isn’t perfect, but is a win-win for OTW Virtual Conventions and me. I can impress Robin by generating more leads in a shorter amount of time and he has more people with which to share the power of the OTW Virtual Conventions ecosystem. The key to making this project a success was efficiency-- finding a better way to complete the task.

Last month I told you not to waste your time with virtual conventions, unless they were done the right way. The key was focusing your energy on a product that put people at its center, finding new ways to connect people together. This week I want to tell you not to waste your time on something that isn’t efficient. If I had started to find leads by manually searching dozens of pages, articles, and websites, I would still be on the first ten companies. Luckily, I maximized productivity and delivered quality results. This principle applies to Virtual Conventions as well.

Some may run a “virtual convention” by emailing participants a set of Zoom links and Dropboxes full of marketing material. This is far from efficient. With OTW Virtual Conventions, exhibitors can organize their marketing materials any way they want through the drag and drop interface, and customize their virtual booth to present their company in the best light possible. Customers won’t have to search through jumbled links of marketing material, or claw through a clunky website, but have everything they need at the click of a button.

OTW Virtual Conventions chooses to do things efficiently because that saves time and money. Exhibitors can spend less time configuring their booth and more time selling their life saving products. Customers can spend less time searching for a name and more time interacting with cutting-edge technology. The power of an OTW Virtual Convention is in its time savings just as much as it is in its mastery of human connection. Time is the world’s most precious resource, and an OTW Virtual Convention enables time to be spent on its most important feature, human interaction.

OTW Virtual Convention Platform