Growth Through Community

Two weeks ago, on the eve of resuming college classes, I sat down to play a new video game, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I joined an online community of players as well, in which a few members had just figured out how to add custom paint onto the in game aircraft, a highly anticipated feature. People were having trouble installing this though, as the process was not simple.

Looking to help out who I could, I quickly threw together a tutorial video, along with an easier to install pre-made file pack, and small community chat where people could discuss and contribute to the project. I hoped that I would help a hundred or so people, and went to bed.

When I woke up, the video had tens of thousands of views. I was receiving hundreds of messages asking for updates, and many messages of gratitude for producing the video and pack. My YouTube channel proceeded to grow by a factor of 10, and an online community that I started grew to 12,000 members in just two weeks. I sat asking the same question over and over, how is this possible?

Many other people tried to create tutorials on the subject. None of them were even close to being as successful. What did I do differently? I created something that was easy to understand and to use that was backed by an online community of fellow flight simulation enthusiasts. As the tutorial and community gained popularity, more contributors joined the project, and it got better and better.

OTW Virtual Conventions embodies what I stumbled upon. What made my video explode was not the video itself but the ecosystem around it. An ecosystem is exactly what OTW Virtual Conventions offers. As we have spoken about in the last few blog posts, on its own, the OTWVC platform is a high-quality convention platform that is more efficient and connective than any other. We discussed how a community is established within each OTW Virtual Conventions event. But OTW Virtual Conventions offers an even larger community as well.

OTW Virtual Conventions is backed by the widest-read publication in Orthopedics, Orthopedics This Week, and offers a social media team dedicated to promoting your event. Like the online community that grew to 12,000 members and enabled my project’s success, OTW Virtual Conventions will enable your event to reach the 200,000 physicians in the Orthopedics This Week community.

Community enables growth. OTW Virtual Conventions builds its community through advertisement, social media, masterclass events, digital and print media, and so much more. When you create an OTW Virtual Convention, you are not only building your event-centric community, but utilizing the larger OTW community as well. With this, your growth will be multiplied beyond what can be garnered from just a convention, in person or virtual.

It is amazing to me to think that one platform can bring together hundreds of thousands of people in a way that is hard to replicate virtually. OTW Virtual Conventions accomplishes this, and will result in the immense growth of your business

OTW Virtual Convention Platform